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Garden of Eden


The biblical GARDEN of EDEN is a story.  it is not a letter, it is not history, and it is not science.  The GARDEN of EDEN story is from MAN’S point of view not GOD’s.  The story begins in the IRON AGE. The story  answers the questions–why does mankind  SUFFER, LABOR, and have PAIN in childbirth.

At the time the story was written, the HEBREWS were herders and lived in the desert.  Life was very harsh and the GOD of the desert was also very harsh. The HEBREWS  livelihood was herding sheep.  Sometimes they stopped at an OASIS to rest and drink fresh water.   .   An OASIS has pools of water, lots of greenery and palm trees. The setting of the story is an OASIS or GARDEN.  In the story, it was called the GARDEN of EDEN. EDEN, in the  HEBREW language, means flat land.

Like the rest of the ancient world, they believed that GOD must be OBEYED.  They believed that if they did NOT OBEY God, he would punish them.  If there was bad weather or their sheep died they thought GOD was angry with them.  So just in case they accidently did something bad they offered an animal sacrifice to stay in GODs good graces. They believed that GOD would ‘eat” the smoke of the animal sacrifice and become happy. They believed the animal sacrifice would APPEASE GOD and he would not send them any punishment.

Now back to the GARDEN of EDEN.  In the story,  Adam and Eve represent all men and all women.  They lived in an OASIS (the Garden of Eden) and GOD visited them.  This was utopia for the HEBREWS.  They wanted to live forever where life was easy.

Now remember, the story of ADAM and EVE is from man’s viewpoint.  The HEBREWS  are trying to answer the question about WHY they cannot have a comfortable life of ease. In the IRON AGE all ancient people believed that GOD must be obeyed without question.  In the story, the man and woman eat fruit that GOD told them not to eat.  Because GOD must be obeyed, he had to punish the man and the woman.  The worst punishment, from man and woman’s view, was to be exiled from the OASIS (Garden of Eden).  This answers the question of ‘WHY” man and woman have to SUFFER, LABOR and have PAIN in childbirth.

Granted, a snake tricked them into eating the fruit so the snake was punished.  His punishment answers the question, “Why does the snake slither on its belly and why is it our enemy”.  The HEBREWS knew the snake was their mortal enemy because of its poisonous venom.  In the desert, many snakes were poisonous and their bite could kill a man, woman, or animal.

GOD stops mankind from eating the “tree of eternal life” by having four angels guard it.  Of course, the HEBREWS already knew people died, but they wanted to know WHY.  So, why did GOD make the man and woman leave the Garden of Eden? So they would not accidently or purposely eat from the tree of “eternal life”.  If man already had the knowledge of good and evil AND man also became immortal, there would be no difference between GOD and Man.














Spirit Theology


Hi All,

I have taken off the last  couple of years to complete my Doctorate of Theology degree.  It is not your typical theology degree–its core is the study of Spirit.  I call it Spirit Theology.

Spirit Theology is both the journey to become your most authentic self and at the same time, is faith in the Spirit to help you along the way.  To me, Spirit is the creative energy of the universe.  As Einstein said, “Everything is Energy”.  He expressed it with scientific language of   E = (m x c) squared.

Everything on the earth and including the earth is ENERGY.  Most of what we know, including our physical bodies, is very, very, very dense energy.  However our essence is very light energy or SPIRIT.  If you think about it, positive character traits like loving, caring, and compassion  are INTANGIBLE.  This means they do not have mass so they are very light.  Spirit (also sometimes called God) who is the essence of love is INTANGIBLE. However we know that traits like loving and caring are REAL.  Therefore SPIRIT (God) is also REAL. So we can know that our own spirit is REAL.

Not only is SPIRIT light (as opposed to heavy) it is also LIGHT. It is the type of LIGHT that brightens the  DARK. It is he type of LIGHT that shines on our path so we can see the way.  This is the type of LIGHT that expresses incredible love and peace.  In fact, people who have had a Near Death Experience (NDE)  have tried to describe how this love feels, say there are no human words to describe it.

While I did not have a NDE, I did have a mystical experience.  I was shattered by the news that my daughter had an incurable neuromuscular disease.  I cried out to God (SPIRIT) to help me.   All of a sudden I was encompassed by LOVE.  While I cannot describe the feeling, I can describe how light I felt, no worry or anxiety, no sadness or grief.  I had an overwhelming feeling that every person was so precious and I loved each and every one. Other people sometimes describe this as a feeling of ONENESS.  This feeling lasted three weeks and I went around telling everyone how precious and loved they were.  In real life, I am shy and would not go around telling anyone anything, much less something so personal and  spiritual.  After the third week the feeling and the experience started to fade.  I tried to hold on to it, but it slipped away.  This was a big STEP on my life journey.  I now knew SPIRIT.  I knew that SPIRIT was LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.  It would take another mystical experience, 20 years later, to teach me to have FAITH in SPIRIT.

Remember that I said earlier that FAITH in SPIRIT was also part of SPIRIT THEOLOGY.  SPIRIT THEOLOGY, has no dogma, doctrine, or rules.  In SPIRIT THEOLOGY, SPIRIT is LIGHT and LOVING.  Love is sometimes called compassion.  In SPIRIT there is no judgment, anger, punishment, anxiety, or fear.  So in the AFTERLIFE, there is no judgment, anger, punishment, anxiety, or fear.  SPIRIT is LIGHT and LOVE (compassion) and ONENESS.  We are made in the essence of SPIRIT.  Therefore we are LIGHT and LOVE, and ONENESS.

Remember, that SPIRIT is intangible and has no mass.  When we die, we will be intangible and have no mass. When we die we join SPIRIT.  Wherever SPIRIT lives, we live.